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Getting older healthier

An annual medical health check-up enables you to get a better insight into your health and  can allow for early detection and treatment of health issues, significantly improving outcomes. Regular screenings can identify risk factors for chronic diseases, enabling you to adjust and optimize your lifestyle.

Our preventive medical health check-up, supports you to take note of potential risks and to improve your health. Embracing yearly health checks is a proactive step towards a longer, healthier life.

ECG being applied to a patient by doctor
Doctor applying medical instrument for young health check patient

Conscious about health

Many of us are conscious about our lifestyle, and maintain a healthy diet and regular sports activity to keep healthy.  For this upcoming younger health-conscious generation an annual health check is a major asset.

Our health check  supports you if you have a health-oriented mindset, by giving you an overview and insight in your health. For example, many vegan or vegetarian diets are prone for deficiencies. Furthermore by knowing your personal risk factors you can optimize your diet and sports schedule accordingly.  

What our patients say

Edoardo Giana

“I have visited the Wassenaar Health center for a pre-employ health check. I received the results of my analysis and their assessment timely before my need date.”

Michael Tovar

"I found the team to be very knowledgeable and thorough. The overall experience felt like a true partnership, both in the assessment and in the discussion of the action plan following the results."

Stas Fomin

“Professional and friendly staff. Very personal approach and consultation. The outcome results and recommendations exceeded my expectations. Highly recommend!”


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