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Health check

Health checks help to get an overview of your overall health. Wassenaar Health Check offers state of the art medical health checks for adults without a referral from a doctor.

Health checks are available in English, German and Dutch.

Checks are done by experienced doctors.

No waiting lists, schedule directly!

Results within 7 days

Includes a personal medical report

Female doctor checking patients lungs
Male doctor explaining medical check

Health Check


Our health check supports you to get to know more about the current state of your health. Whether you feel healthy or have the feeling your health could be improved, this preventive health check will provide you with a personal insight in your health allowing you to make necessary adjustments.


Medical physical examination

Urine and blood examination

Thorough blood panel, with an overview of your body’s most vital functions

Cardiovascular screening, blood panel and ECG in co-operation with a cardiologist

Personal Health Report and Results

Phone consultation to discuss your results

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In addition to our Health Check we offer a number of add-ons aimed at specific patient groups.

Male 45+

+ € 30

For men who passed the 45 year mark we have a special add-on including a blood examination of the prostate.

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Female 45+

+ € 45

Helpful if you are experiencing menopausal symptoms, including changes in your menstrual cycle (how often you have periods).

More information

Vegetarian / Vegan

+ € 40

Due to dietary habits, medication or underlying disorders vitamin deficiencies can occur resulting in negative health effects. This examination is especially recommended if you are following a vegan or vegetarian diet.

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