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Getting to know our health and learning how to age in a healthy way, that's what we stand for.


The purpose of our preventive health check-up is to help you to be better informed about your overall health situation. As general practitioners, the health of our patients is our primary concern. Being well-informed about your overall health situation encourages you to take conscious decisions to maintain and improve your health. Having said this, it is important to note that check-ups cannot guarantee the absence of illness or other medical conditions. We therefore always recommend our clients to contact their General Practioner when experiencing physical or psychological symptoms.

Medical team

Albertien Dubois

GP & Founder

Albertien Dubois completed her Medical Degree at the Amsterdam UMC. Her first years working as a medical doctor she gained experience in the neurology department of the OLVG in Amsterdam. In 2012 she finished her GP specialty training and has since been working as a family doctor in the Netherlands and abroad.  During her professional career she has gained considerable experience in executing check-ups in a General medicine Practice in  Frankfurt, Germany. In addition she has fullfilled a 2-year executive education in medical management and policy.

Wouter Bongers

GP & Founder

Wouter Bongers completed his Medical Degree at the University of Groningen. After gaining experience in the surgery department of the Ter Gooi Hospital in Hilversum he completed his GP specialty training at the Amsterdam UMC. Since 2018 he is practice owner of Praktijk Bongers in Wassenaar. Apart from his extensive experience as a GP, he has proven to be a forward looking entrepreneur setting up projects to create future-proof healthcare for the public of Wassenaar in the Netherlands.



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