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Pre-employ medical check

Wassenaar Health Check offers reliable, tailor made, premium pre-employ checks for employees starting at their new employer. During our pre-employ check we will perform the required medical tests and provide you the results in a clear report. Be sure to provide us the required examinations in advance.

Checks are done by experienced doctors.

No waiting lists, schedule directly!

Results within 7 days

All-in price €225

Not just a necessity for your employer

A pre-employ check is definitely not just another step in the process of starting a new job. They are key for your safety and success at work. While they primarily help employers in making informed hiring decisions, they also ensure you're in a safe, respectful environment, surrounded by qualified colleagues. The checks make sure you're accurately matched to your role, enhancing job satisfaction and career growth. They're not just for employers; they're for your benefit as well!

Pre-employ check details

Below you'll find all the tests we perform. If necessary, additional tests can be added. Please reach out with the additional tests you wish to have done and we will offer a bespoke check-up.

Blood pressure measurement

Blood test (Blood count and Diff, Creatinine, Glycemia, Cholesterol, Triglycerides, Sedimentation rate, Y-GT)

Urinanalysis (Sugar, Protein)

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